Foo Fighters put the rock in ‘Fraggle Rock’ on new song
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  • Post published:24/01/2022
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Foo Fighters put the rock in ‘Fraggle Rock’ on new song


    Rejoice, Jim Henson maniacs and general fans of puppet-related goofiness, for Fraggle Rock has been resurrected from the grave and landed on Apple TV+. The original Fraggle Rock aired as an international production, helmed by studios in England, Canada, and the US and featured a more fantastical setting than other Henson productions like Sesame Street and The Muppets.

    Now, to celebrate going Back to the Rock, American rock gods Foo Fighters have released a new single to celebrate the series’ revival. Doubling down on the lighthearted attitude that both the band and the show excel at, the new song is a blast of high octane ridiculousness entitled ‘Fraggle Rock Rock’.

    Dave Grohl is his gruff and shouty self at the centre, but the backing vocals and “wink-wink-nudge-nudge” nature of the song seems more like Rocky Horror than Fraggle Rock. The classic doo-wop melody is in perfect contrast with Chris Shiflett’s ripping solo.

    But at one point, everything drops away for a bit of piano and vocal interplay. It’s not long until we get back to the rock and roll, though. All my life, I’ve wanted to hear what Grohl would sound like singing the words “flip flop skippity hop”, and now that fantasy is real. Dreams really do come true.

    So this is all a bit silly, but come on, have you seen what the Foo Fighters do? From the music videos to the interviews to the literal horror-comedy they just made, the Foos never take themselves too seriously. Plus, they’re not the only ones who are getting in on the Fraggle Rock action: Cynthia Erivo, Ed Helms, Kenan Thompson, and Daveed Diggs are all set to guest star in the revived series, and Patti LaBelle cut her own song for the series, ‘Shine On Us Now’ just yesterday.

    With that kind of cast, I might have to flip, flop, and/or skippity hop down to Fraggle Rock myself. I mean, since Ted Lasso ended, I’m not really using that Apple TV+ account for much these days.

    Check out ‘Fraggle Rock Rock’ down below.

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