Freddie Gibbs shares new video for ‘Big Boss Rabbit’
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  • Post published:06/04/2021
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Freddie Gibbs, the free-flowing American rapper, has just released a video for his new single ‘Big Boss Rabbit’.

There are no illusions on ‘Big Boss Rabbit’. It opens with a Mike Tyson sample waxing poetic about being on top of his game and how his competitors can’t even challenge him with their “primitive skills.” Hip-hop is a genre known for its diss tracks, vicious put downs, and violent rhetoric back and forth between artists and critics/fans/fellow artists. It’s honesty at its bare bones.

Gibbs doesn’t exactly wield precise attacks: his boasts and references are scattershot and relentless, with an emphasis put on rounds per minute rather than accuracy. His tongue isn’t a surgeon’s scalpel; it’s an Uzi attached to a runaway Roomba.

And that’s where most of the fun comes from. Talking about hitting shots like Steph Curry and stacking Pringles are intertwined with more personal conquests: Gibbs has never landed on the Hot 100 or won the one Grammy he was nominated for, both referenced in the lyrics, but he doesn’t let those facts hold him down. He’s been around since Tupac had the Gumby fade. Failures don’t affect him. Flighty trend-chasing doesn’t interest him.

The video, directed by JMP, is fairly boilerplate rap video histrionics. Gibbs poses in front of expensive cars, smokes some weed, hangs out with strippers while his crew play billiards nonchalantly in the foreground. It’s everything you could want in a video. By the time the dancers finish their routine by dropping into splits on top of a ton of one dollar bills, the sacrifice to the rap gods has been fully achieved, and Gibbs has proved his status as a high rolling gangster you don’t want to fuck with. Mission accomplished.

Check out the official video for ‘Big Boss Rabbit’ down below.

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