From Lucy Dacus to Beabadoobee: The best new music released today
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  • Post published:29/06/2021
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(Credit: Marin Leong)

From Lucy Dacus to Beabadoobee: The best new music released today

    Every farmer and their mothers are releasing new music today, and after being inundated with PR persons touting the artists who they swear are going to be the hottest new acts in the world in less than four minutes time (they’re usually nice, if not a little pushy. Gotta respect the hustle, I suppose. It’s just their job, as it is mine to pick and choose what gets covered and what gets banished to the far recesses of my unread email page), I needed to do something about all these songs.

    Usually, I knock out an entire write up of at least 300 words for each new release that falls into my lap. That’s not going to be possible today. So instead, I thought I would simplify the process by putting each new release in one place for you to preview. I think that will make all of our collective lives a little easier — and hey, they’ll even be a convenient playlist at the bottom!

    In order to compartmentalise the large influx of new music, and also to save my own sanity from the ever-encroaching brink, I’m going to put fourteen essential new releases here with only a one paragraph description because no one has the time or stamina to realistically listen to, or read about, all the new music coming out today.

    Here are the greatest hits…

    New albums and EPs released today…

    Lucy Dacus – Home Video

    Dacus’ tour through her upbringing in suburban Virginia is engrossing and involving in equal measure. Mixing indelible indie-rock hooks with slower and more contemplative meditations on childhood relationships with people, God, and your surroundings, Home Video is quite simply one of the best albums of the year.

    Giant Sky – Not Today

    Featuring lead singer Olivia Bond’s haunted howl, Not Today is the debut record that should put Giant Sky on the alt rock map.

    Mixing aggressive guitar/bass tones and thunderous drums with slower, more free-flowing melodies, Giant Sky show off a versatility and unique sound that can be pissed off, wistful, romantic, and powerful, often within the same song.

    Faye Webster – I Know I’m Funny haha

    Featuring a bizarre mix of R&B, jazz, and country, I Know I’m Funny haha positions Faye Webster as a completely singular and unmatched talent.

    Taking an unhurried pace and only featuring a single solitary rock song, Webster’s fourth LP has the ability to excite and surprise with its pedal steel guitars and smooth funk grooves playing in perfectly contrasting shades.

    Saint Sister – Where I Should End

    Elegant arrangements and beautiful harmonies are the name of the game on Irish folk duo Saint Sister’s second LP Where I Should End.

    The pair bring their ‘atmosfolk’ to ten delicate and tantalising tracks that occasionally run together but mainly work as a calming balm that can soothe even the most restless of hearts and minds.

    Gatlin – To Remind Me of Home

    To Remind Me of Home, Gatlin’s sophomore EP, feels slightly disjointed as a whole, with each song sounding uniquely separated from the one before it, leaving the flow of the record as a non-concern.

    However, each song shines on its own, and Gatlin makes a strong case for herself as an artist worthy of some solid hype. Thanks to a tight lyrical focus, To Remind Me of Home stands on its own and provides a solid direction for Gatlin’s future.

    Beabadoobee – Our Extended Play

    Teaming up with The 1975’s Matt Healy and George Daniel, beabadoobee smooths out her rougher edges and embraces pop on Our Extended Play.

    Intended to be a bridge between her debut LP Fake It Flowers and her upcoming second studio album, this EP is a slight but still enjoyable four-song jaunt that is sure to please fans and newbies alike.

    Modest Mouse – The Golden Casket

    Modest Mouse’s seventh album is a strangely abrasive mix of electronica and pop rubbing against the band’s signature alt-rock sound.

    It reminds me a lot of Car Seat Headrest’s Making a Door Less Open: embracing minimalism, modern technology, and experimentation, often at the expense of what makes Isaac Brock and Jeremiah Green’s music so great. It occasionally inspires, but rarely transcends.

    New singles released today…

    TGC (The Green Children) – ‘Summon Our Love’

    Pure pop as bright and sunny as the warmest summer days, ‘Summon Our Love’ is a wave of romantic lines layered top of a supremely chill electronica beat.

    Custom made for August affairs, ‘Summon Our Love’ is about as idealised as summer love gets.

    Jon Doe – ‘In My Dreams’

    Driving home his ode to an imaginary lover with a pop-rock push, Jon Doe’s ‘In My Dreams’ will be the perfect soundtrack for anyone not able to find their summer love connection this year.

    It’s OK, let Doe’s dreamy chords and catchy melodies lull you back into your own dreams.

    Ada Lea – ‘Hurt’

    Bubbling with a strange mix of electronic and acoustic elements, Ada Lea’s ‘Hurt’ comes completely with a stilted vocal delivery to match the trepidation and madness of being lost in a state of mind you can’t get yourself out of.

    Lea’s voice might stop and start at unusual intervals, but her ability to convert emotion keeps the track from floating into the ether.

    Novatines – ‘Joyride’

    As infectious and snotty as pop-rock gets, Novatine’s ‘Joyride’ is just that: an excitable and highly combustible rock track that busts out some truly impressive falsetto and some good old fashioned hairy guitar.

    Any band who insists that their drums crash and thump are friends of mine, and Novatines sound like they’re having the time of their collective lives playing ‘Joyride’. It’s hard not to get caught up in it.

    Matthew Fowler – ‘I’m Still Trying’

    Coming off a high can be difficult. You have to calm down, collect yourself, and continue moving forward. ‘I’m Still Trying’ is a song that celebrates the notion that there’s nobility in just moving in the right direction, even if it’s extremely difficult.

    The relaxed roll of acoustic guitar and churning drums make this listening experience wonderfully easy.

    Van Houten – ‘IDK’

    Living somewhere in the stoned-out second dimension lies Van Houten’s strung out ‘IDK’.

    Complete with wandering bass lines and slinky slide guitars, ‘IDK’ is a song that sounds like it’s been lost in the desert for far too long. I mean that as the highest of compliments.

    Benny Atlas – ‘Love Gets Better’

    Playing into the R&B funk sounds of the late 1990s and early 2000s, Benny Atlas can’t help but come off as a smooth operator on ‘Love Gets Better’.

    Sure, all his lines are cheesy, but you would probably melt too if he sang them right to you, which makes them incredibly effective.


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