From Tom Waits to Madlib: Thom Yorke shares another Sonos playlist
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  • Post published:21/07/2021
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From Tom Waits to Madlib: Thom Yorke shares another Sonos playlist

    He may well be the unique frontman of Radiohead, he may also have a searing career as a solo artist and even scored the odd feature film, but there’s a good shout for Yorke having missed his calling as a DJ. His latest Sonos mixtape proves once more that Yorke knows his stuff.

    It has been released as part of his In the Absence Thereof series and sees Yorke gather an incredible array of artists, paying special attention to heroes of old Tom Waits and Madlib as well as the heroes of the future in black midi. You can stream the playlist below.

    One thing you can always rely on Yorke for is that his musical choices will never be boring. A man who refused to be confined by rock and roll with his own band was never going to limit himself as the proverbial DJ.

    As such, this playlist is yet another eclectic mix of genre and style. Bringing together acts from the past, present and perhaps future.

    As well as picking out some great tracks from 2021, including the aforementioned black midi effort ‘John L’, Yorke digs into the music vault to pull out some dustier gems. Noting Nina Simone’s wondrous ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’ as well as King Crimson’s ‘I Talk to the Wind’.

    Having recently given us a brand new take on Radiohead’s ‘Creep’, there’s a good chance we may have to wait a while for the next Thom Yorke DJ session. But we’ll happily wait for a list this good.


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