FUR share new track ‘Anybody Else But Me’
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  • Post published:29/09/2021
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(Credit: FUR)

FUR share new track ‘Anybody Else But Me’

    Brighton indie rockers FUR have released the latest preview of their upcoming debut album When You Walk Away with the new single ‘Anybody Else But Me’.

    “‘Anybody Else But Me’ is a tongue in cheek anthem for self-effacing youth, uncomfortable in their own skin,” says band member Josh Buchanan. “Growing up I always wanted to be more like my musical heroes but I was under the assumption that when I reached this age I would be more comfortable in my own skin. The song’s main hook/refrain is a nod to some of The Cure’s more ‘pop’ efforts, as Robert Smith was always a hero of mine growing up.”

    “While the song tackles self-loathing and introversion, it’s juxtaposed by the up-tempo instrumental and playful lyrics of wanting ‘be like Elvis’, probably the original modern frame of reference for exuding confidence and cool,” he continues. 

    “I think the contrast between the lyrical theme and the music creates a playful atmosphere that is as much about self-loathing as it is celebrating that we are who we are, and we’re always going to fall short when comparing ourselves to the people we’ve placed on a pedestal in our minds. As linear beings we can always evolve and improve on the self, and maybe the self-scrutiny that comes with lacking in confidence isn’t always a bad thing, as long as it’s acted on in a positive way.”

    FUR are continuing to prove that good rock and roll music is not hard to find. When You Walk Away currently has two great singles attached to it: this song and the album’s title track.

    We still have to wait another month or so to hear the band’s full-length debut, but if the remaining songs are half as good as these two, then it’s sure to be a fantastic first LP.

    Check out the video for ‘Anybody Else But Me’ down below. When You Walk Away is set to drop on November 2.


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