Geese announce debut album, release new song ‘Low Era’
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Geese announce debut album, release new song ‘Low Era’

    Geese – ‘Low Era’

    Eclectic Brooklyn rockers Geese have announced details for their upcoming debut LP Projector, and have released the first preview of the record with the song ‘Low Era’.

    “We had been trying to get everything to sound super heavy, creepy-crawly, and complicated, really because that’s all we knew how to do,” the band explain in a press release. “Four-on-the-floor songs like ‘Low Era’ had felt a little like poison to us for a while, until we consciously tried to challenge ourselves to write something more danceable.”

    That might seem a bit odd, especially considering that the group’s last single was literally called ‘Disco’, but that track was a sprawling post-punk experimental jaunt that lasted nearly seven minutes. ‘Low Era’ is club-ready, especially in its edited-down version. According to the band, that’s all part of the plan.

    “We like the idea of confusing the listener a little, and trying to make every song a counteraction to the last, pinballing between catchy and complicated, fast and slow,” the band continue. “‘Low Era’ is one end of that spectrum, and ultimately broadened the scope of songs we thought we could make.”

    If ‘Disco’ was a little too unwieldy and discordant for your tastes, let ‘Low Era’ be the palate cleanser to bring you on board. Singer Cameron Winter widens his vocal range, bassist Dominic DiGesu traces his own melodic path throughout the track, and the band all feel locked into a groove that might be unexpected if all you’ve heard before was ‘Disco’.

    The track is mixed by English producer Dan Carey, who has already had himself a bit of a year bringing albums from the likes of Squid and Stephen Fretwell to life. As if to play right into the cheeky catchiness of the song, Carey places Winter right at the dead-centre of the mix, cranks the bass, and lets the guitars get as chiming as they want to be. If the band were dead-set on proving their versatility, ‘Low Era’ certainly accomplishes it.

    Check out the video for ‘Low Era’ down below. Projector is set for an October 29 release.


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