Gerard Way picks his favourite song from MCR’s ‘The Black Parade’
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  • Post published:23/10/2021
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Gerard Way picks his favourite song from MCR’s ‘The Black Parade’

    My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has revealed his favourite song from their 2006 album, The Black Parade. The revelation came as part of an interview he did with Apple Music 1’s Travis Mills about the record turning 15 years on October 20.

    During the chat, Way said: “I really like ‘Famous Last Words’, but I think my favourite is ‘Mama’. Oh no, it’s ‘Sleep’,” he said, before adding: “That’s what my favourite always is. ‘Mama” is really up there, but ‘Sleep’. ‘Sleep’ is my favourite. It’s my favourite alongside ‘Mama’ to play from the album. I just have a completely nuclear guitar sound.”

    Way continued: “It’s just a complete brutal wall of brutality. I like the subject and it’s a really just great one to play live. You could really lose yourself in it and feel it. ‘Sleep’ and ‘Mama’ tend to be the two of them are my favourites.”

    The frontman also discussed working with iconic popstar Liza Minelli, who famously makes a guest appearance on ‘Mama’. “It was just an amazing experience,” he declared. “She is the sweetest, coolest person and so talented.

    Way also discussed how they recorded the now-iconic track: “We had to record her remotely, actually. We were in LA and she was in a studio in New York with an engineer and we had to basically do it remotely through the control board, but it was super fun and she just went for it and she was so enthusiastic. Then we got to meet finally when we played New York.”

    He appended: “She ended up becoming a person I got to know. I think she got as much of a kick out of ‘Mama’ as we did. That was a really great experience.”

    The reformed My Chemical Romance are set to tour the UK in May 2022 after postponing the dates due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Listen to ‘Mama’ below.

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