Giant Party share new single ‘Angels Pout For Cameras’
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  • Post published:15/08/2021
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Giant Party share new single ‘Angels Pout For Cameras’

    Giant Party – ‘Angels Pout For Cameras’

    London four-piece alt-pop band Giant Party have shared their brand new single ‘Angels Pout For Cameras’. 

    ‘Angels Pout For Cameras’ is pure synth pop, with keyboard player Tim Harrod doing the majority of the heavy lifting throughout the track. To my ear there were about four or five different synth sounds, at least, stacked in the arrangement, and that’s not even counting the sequencer that toes the line between keyboard and percussion.

    “This song is about me addressing my constant indecision in the modern information age and being overwhelmed by endless choices,” lead singer Allan Harrod explains. “A person can’t help but compare themselves to others in these times and if a choice isn’t made, time and life makes it for you.’”

    If I’m being honest, I didn’t get any of that. Maybe I’m not on the same wavelengths as Harrod, but the predominant emotion I got from ‘Angels Pout For Cameras’ wasn’t anxiety but mindless joy. The freeing feeling of letting go and being taken away, turning your brain off and just accepting whatever might come next. What the central phrase or the chorus “I never needed heaven” mean are completely beyond me. Like I said: brain turned off, experience optimised.

    Weirdly, the most memorable aspect of the song for me was the fade out. This sounds so strange, but when was the last time you heard a song fade out? It feels like a relic from the past, and it caught my ear just for the fact that it’s so rare. Is it a bad sign that I found the most compelling part of the song the part where it begins to go away? Maybe.

    But ‘Angels Pout For Cameras’ is overall a solid single which portions Giant Party as propagators of bright and shiny hooks with anthemic choruses. This particular track didn’t really do all that much for me, admittedly, but it definitely shows promise in a young band that can hopefully hone their craft to make inedible, unforgettable earworms.

    Check out the video for ‘Angels Pout For Cameras’ down below.


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