Giorgio Moroder auctions 1980s Italian sports car prototype
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  • Post published:18/12/2021
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(Credit: Andy Witchger)


Giorgio Moroder auctions 1980s Italian sports car prototype


    Could there possibly be anything more quintessentially 1980s than the Italian sports car prototype of the disco progenitor, Giorgio Moroder?

    Well, now you have a chance to own that slither of historic cultural iconography as Moroder has decided to put his beloved automobile up for auction. 

    Moroder developed the vehicle himself alongside the Italian mechanic and Lamborghini expert Claudio Zampolli, investing a fair chunk of his personal fortune in the process. 

    The 1988 Cizeta-Moroder V16T complete with a V16 engine ultimately never entered production but the ‘Godfather of Disco’ has kept his out prototype in smooth working order, nevertheless.

    Now, the vehicle is due to go up for auction in Phoenix, Arizona this coming January 27th. Back in 1988, it cost Moroder and Zampolli a whopping $280,000 which is about $628,000 when adjusted for inflation.

    However, it now enters auction with a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the final price tag that it is likely to fetch. Naturally, given how unique the vehicle is, the price tag is likely to be high, but given the uncertain market, whether the vehicle finally proves profitable for Moroder is up in the air. 

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