GoFundMe launched to fund cancer treatment of The Psychedelic Furs guitarist, John Ashton
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GoFundMe launched to fund cancer treatment of The Psychedelic Furs guitarist, John Ashton

    The family of John Ashton, the guitarist of post-punk outfit The Psychedelic Furs, has launched a GoFundMe campaign to fund his stage four cancer treatment.

    The campaign was set up by the singer-songwriter Gail Ann Dorsey following a request by Ashton’s wife, Catherine. An essay published alongside the donation link indicated that “surgery is not an option.” Dorsey explained that this was because, after being diagnosed in June, the cancer had since spread to Ashton’s lymph nodes.

    The campaign has been set up to help with the “overwhelming and astronomical cost” of Ashton’s treatment. Dorsey noted that even for Americans with health insurance, the cost of stage four cancer treatment is incredibly expensive.

    Dorsey then went on to give details of Ashton’s condition and his treatment plan. She wrote: “He has just begun what will be an indefinite series of treatments involving radiation, hormone therapies, and possibly access to clinical trials through Sloan Kettering in New York City.”

    As Dorsey pointed out, the impact of the treatment means that John will also suffer financially, being unable to work. “Starting now, John will also be unable to continue working, and there is no safety net to realistically support or break an approaching financial fall. He has already weakened his condition and stretched himself thin continuing to show up for work up until this point. For John, all exertions, stresses, and worries must be minimised, if not eliminated for the critical months ahead.”

    As it stands, the campaign has raised over half of its $100,000 goal – with $51,362 already donated. If you are considering giving a donation, follow this link.

    Ashton was the guitarist with The Psychedelic Furs from 1975 until 1992. After an eight-year hiatus, the group then reformed in 2000 and Ashton continued performing with them until 2008, after which he went on to pursue a solo career. His record, Satellite Paradiso was released in 2014.


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