Grimes releases new song about “online hate”
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  • Post published:05/10/2021
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(Credit: Grimes Instagram)

Grimes releases new song about “online hate”

    American Saturday Night Live bit player, reality show judge, and occasional musician, Grimes, is none too chuffed about the entire internet having a good laugh over her recent breakup with Tesla CEO/nascent supervillain Elon Musk. Just as she did when Azealia Banks tried to come after her, Grimes has recorded a new song to hit back at… well, everybody, I guess.

    The song, entitled ‘LOVE’, finds the singer bemoaning the treatment that’s she’s experienced over the past seven days. “I wrote and produced this song this week in response to all the privacy invasion, bad press, online hate and harassment by paparazzi I’ve experienced this week.” Props for getting a response primed and ready to roll in record time. 

    The song contains lines like, “It fucking sucks to be awake/ Oh Lord, I pray my soul to take/ Nobody understands because/ Everything they hate is everything I love/ When you hate me, think it fixes you to break me?/ I’ll never fight you back because/ Everything you hate is everything I love.” The song’s chorus goes: “Every night I tell myself/ I’d rather die than heed ur rage/ Go on and say it.”

    More mainstream pop than most of Grimes glitchy and bizarre excursions, the singer is clearly coating that bitter pill to swallow in enough sugary sweetness that we can all enjoy it. Credit where credit is due, it’s pretty damn catchy, but the song will probably be impossible to divorce from its context as “that song that Grimes made because she was mad people cared about her breakup with Elon Musk”.

    Does she have a point about media saturation and lack of respect for her privacy during a difficult time? Yes. Is it going to stop? No. Is this just going to make it even more difficult to get privacy? Maybe.

    ‘LOVE’ is currently an Instagram exclusive, so whether it drops on streaming services or suddenly disappears within the next few days is anyone’s guess. Enjoy it here while you can.


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