Hayley and the Crushers share new single ‘She Drives’
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(Credit: Thomas Ignatius)

Hayley and the Crushers share new single ‘She Drives’

    Hayley and the Crushers – ‘She Drives’

    Southern California rock and rollers Hayley and the Crushers have released their latest single ‘She Drives’.

    The press release I received for ‘She Drives’ describes the band as “poolside glitter trash rockers”, which obviously is right up my alley style-wise. The accompanying song certainly didn’t disappoint in that regard. A killer mix of melodic pop hooks and alt-rock instrumentation paired, ‘She Drives’ is as sweet and sticky as an ice cream cone dripping down your hand in 90-degree heat (or 32 degrees, since we’re an English website after all).

    “I wrote ‘She Drives’ in the bathtub, after getting a stressed-out call from a friend who had just had a massive fight with her partner,” band leader Hayley Crusher Cain explains. “This friend of mine is known to drive like a bat out of hell on a normal day. But after this particular fight, she drove and just kept driving, eventually ending up in Malibu. I was inspired by the idea that we can’t outrun our worst feelings, but it sure is human nature to try.” 

    There’s a palpable temptation for me to label ‘She Drives’, plus Hayley and the Crushers, a throwback to ’90s rockers like The Muffs or Sleater-Kinney, but that would imply that female-led punk-inspired rock bands with a fondness or catchy earworms don’t exist in the modern day. They absolutely do, and if you need a new one latch on to, Hayley and the Crushers are just waiting for you to discover them.

    The band has two LPs in their discography already: 2018’s Cool/Lame and 2020’s Vintage Millennial, both of which are resplendent with awesomely scuzzy guitar rock. The band is currently working on a follow-up to Vintage Millennial, with the song ‘Cul De Sac’ having come out earlier this year. So far all signs point to another awesomely catchy album from the band, and ‘She Drives’ is the perfect holdover until we get a whole LP of tunes like this.

    Check out the video for ‘She Drives’ down below.


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