Helado Negro shares ‘Gemini and Leo’ and announces new album
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  • Post published:25/06/2021
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(Credit: Nathan Bajar)

Helado Negro shares ‘Gemini and Leo’ and announces new album

    Helado Negro – ‘Gemini and Leo’

    A brand new album from Helado Negro is what this year needs. As the world begins to re-open and the reality of our society once again attempts to empty your mental faculties, what we all need is a double dose of Helado Negro’s laidback jams and sweet, soulful sounds.

    It’s the first album for Roberto Carlos Lange, AKA Helado Negro, on his new label 4AD and will be released on October 22, titled Far In. To celebrate the announcement of the new record, the singer-songwriter has shared the first song ‘Gemini and Leo’ and it’s a beautiful piece of sunshining bliss.

    2019 was the last major release from Helado Negro. This Is How You Smile was the latest effort, and it showcased the languid tranquillity with which the songwriter approaches all of his releases.

    The artist hasn’t been keeping quiet during the downtime, though. As well as working with Xenia Rubinos, Helado also covered songs by Neil Young, David Bowie and Deerhunter, even releasing a collection of “impressionistic sound pieces” on Kite Symphony, Four Variations, released under his birth name.

    It would seem that Helado has most certainly found his path in life and seems more ready than ever to direct the public to his journey. His albums have only grown stronger with every release and, judging by the latest track, the new record will follow a similar path.

    Kicking off with the kind of notes that we’d imagine pour out from Helado as he opens his eyes every morning. A bouncing funk bassline provides a little gravity to this otherwise air-filled ditty. The singer’s vocal is, as ever, a captivating blend of gruff reverb, crunchy crescendos and an, ultimately, caramel-smooth finish. The song melts through the airwaves and nestles itself in your cerebral cortex with consummate grace, wiping its feet on the way in.

    ‘Gemini and Leo’, as one might have guessed, is guaranteed to fill your summer playlists. The song deserves special billing for any BBQ or outside gathering the British government and weather will allow — it’s a joyful moment of resplendent escapism.

    Not the kind of debauched escapism we’ve been finding in our liquor cabinets but the kind one feels when sitting at the beach, the sun trying to pierce your eyelids, and you begin to fall asleep. This track is the moment between those two worlds.


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