Helado Negro shares new single ‘La Naranja’
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  • Post published:02/10/2021
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(Credit: Nathan Bajar)

Helado Negro shares new single ‘La Naranja’

    Helado Negro – ‘La Naranja’

    American singer-songwriter Roberto Carlos Lange, better known by his stage name Helado Negro, has released his latest single, ‘La Naranja’.

    Cinematic in scope and apocalyptic in tone, ‘La Naranja’ is a stark contrast from his previous single ‘Gemini and Leo’. That song was more subdued, paired back, and relaxed, riding an easy danceable groove through psychedelic imagery. ‘La Naranja’, by contrast, is a bit more frantic, a bit fierier, and a bit more fatalistic.

    The message, despite this, is about survival. At least that’s what Google translate tells me, from what I could cull. Year son public school Spanish classes have routinely failed me in life, and listening to ‘La Naranja’ only serves to drive that point home. The entire track is in Spanish, meaning that it holds a magnetic and dense, almost indecipherable, quality to non-native speakers. Of course, it doesn’t take much work to parse through and translate ‘La Naranja’, but that’s probably more effort than a casual listener is going to put in.

    The good news is that the song is a fascinating ride without any comprehension of what Lange is saying. The song incorporates stripping orchestral strings, an almost CAN-like drum loop, and gentle falsetto vocals that all create a wonderfully engrossing composition.

    When the song eventually burns out and fades away, it feels appropriate in a tumble of synths and drums, the first thing I had to do was go back and listen again.

    ‘La Naranja’ is the latest single from Helado Negro’s upcoming LP Far In. Far Out will undoubtedly be covering Far In, not just because of name similarity but also because the album’s first two singles, and now ‘La Naranja’, are killer pieces of music.

    Check out the video for ‘La Naranja’ down below. Far In is set for a 22nd October release.


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