Holly Humberstone shares new single ‘London is Lonely’
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  • Post published:26/01/2022
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(Credit: Holly Humberstone)


Holly Humberstone shares new single ‘London is Lonely’


    Holly Humberstone – ‘London is Lonely’

    Grantham native Holly Humberstone has returned with her latest single ‘London is Lonely’, a touching ode to home and the pains of pining for another place amid the claustrophobic introduction of the big smoke. Simultaneously stirring and singalong, the track continues in the same vein of form that has scored the single a growing legion of fans and placed her atop many emerging musicians to watch out for lists. 

    “I wrote ‘London Is Lonely’ back in February 2020 right before the pandemic hit here in the UK,” Humberstone revealed in the press release. “I had just moved out of my childhood home down to London and had spent the past few months feeling really trapped and alone in my tiny flat with strangers. London felt so intense and although there were so many people around me, I felt even more isolated and like I didn’t belong.”

    That longing and loneliness is stirred into the mix of the song, as she continues: “I kind of lost myself in the city. I didn’t exactly know who I was anymore, and so going home and writing felt like my safe space to process everything. It’s funny now listening to the song almost two years on, post-pandemic, and feeling like nothing much has changed at all.”

    Before poignantly concluding: “I’m still trying to find my place here and make it my home and so it felt right to put this song out into the world right now, when so many other people are probably feeling lost right now too.”

    The song, however, is not as devastatingly maudlin as the lost feeling may imply. Alongside the solemn lyrics and sombre piano playing is a pop sensibility akin to Billie Eilish. It all makes for a radio-friendly piece of poignancy to pop on in the background or pour your eyes out over if you are that way inclined.

    You can check out a video of Humberstone performing the track live below. 

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