Human Interest share new song ‘Feel Good’
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  • Post published:19/01/2022
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Human Interest share new song ‘Feel Good’

    Human Interest – ‘Feel Good’

    New East London trio Human Interest have certainly caught our interest in the last year with their new take on quite a traditional sound. In May 2021, they released ‘ALIVE’, one of the fruits of their lockdown boredom led creativity. The single was the first I had heard from the group and I was happy to hear such a familiar guitar-orientated indie sound with a confident stamp of identity that sets them apart from most other modern acts. The singles so far have given me a warm feeling of comfort with the optimistic drive of the rhythm guitar and Cat Harrison’s vocals that are at times, reminiscent of Gaz Coombes, lead singer of Supergrass.

    After the two impressive singles released in 2021, Human Interest have taken another one of their lockdown demos and sanded off the rough edges to produce another beauty. The brand new track ‘Feel Good’ does just what it says on the tin as the trio show another example of their ability to add a personal touch to a traditional guitar-driven rock and roll composition. 

    When discussing the track, Harrison explained: “To sum up my lyrical identity I’d say – an ADD surrealist space cadet with a very serious, very emotional side that creeps out under the fun.” Indeed, this optimistic, upbeat, yet classy rock track is just what we need in the depths of winter. 

    He continued: “‘Feel Good’ is essentially a break-up song trying to hide the fact that it is one. It’s really talking about the pressure that society puts on people to be in relationships. We’re afraid to be alone, yet some of the loneliest people you meet are in relationships. It’s a bit silly and cheesy, but so are people’s attitudes.”

    Harrison added about how the track fits in with the general approach of the band at this early stage in their career: “I think they’re all just little human-interest stories of fact and fiction. I have days where I fancy myself as a poet but other days it’s just pure escapism where I want to weave my own world to go to, through characters and fiction.”

    The project so far has been spearheaded by Harrison as he recruited bassist Tyler Damara Kelly and drummer George Le Page to help him push through the ideas he had come up with during the trough of the pandemic. The group have had the good fortune of producer Julie McLarnon helping them to polish the records, she has been very attentive to the group’s desire to try to retain some of the ‘rough around the edges’ qualities that the songs boasted in their early demo forms.

    Harrison explained: “We decided to work with home demos in order to capture the authentic DIY way in which the songs have been made and how we’ve been working together as a band. I’ve always loved hearing my friends’ demos, often preferring them to what has been released, not because they’re better, but because they feel more vulnerable. It’s always made me rather sad that people don’t often get to hear these private moments.”

    With their debut EP Desire Paths set for release on March 11th via Kissability, I can safely say that I will be keeping a watchful eye on this group as they hopefully develop into a fully-fledged touring act as they gain confidence and chemistry.

    Stream the official music video below.

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