Hushtones release new single ‘Sinking’
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  • Post published:08/07/2021
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Hushtones release new single ‘Sinking’

    Hushtones – ‘Sinking’

    Liverpool psych-rockers Hushtones have shared the latest single taken from their upcoming LP Greetings From The Other Side, the rollicking surf-rocker ‘Sinking’.

    The email that I received from the band’s PR people describes their new album as offering “dreamy pop singles, coffee shop blues tunes and no nonsense rock and roll” with “incredible female and male vocal melodies and properly versatile songwriting” featuring the band “weaving in and out of ’60s and ’70s rock.” If that sounds like your thing, then stay tuned.

    As for ‘Sinking’, I was sold immediately on the opening floor-tom drum beat. A killer mix of rumbling bass, layered harmonies, and chiming guitar lines, the song is filled to the brim with fantastic melodic turns and unexpected left turns in the arrangement. Excess is not something that band are concerned with: new bridges and additional layers of vocals keep building and building until the song can barely contain all of the ideas. By the time the handclaps come in, you’re either all in or all out. I’m all in.

    “We were really lucky ‘cos we were able to write, create and build this album during the bizarre months of 2020,” singer Martha Goddard explains. “Without this I think we would have found the whole thing a lot more difficult. Mick and I wrote most of the songs together yet remotely during the first lockdown on a kind of rolling basis. We got into this weird habit of working round the clock; I would wake up in the morning and work on a song and then send it over to Mick who had become slightly nocturnal, and he would work on it through the night and send it back to me the next day. We have poured our hearts and souls into this body of work from start to finish. There have been actual tears! But we’re really proud of it and so excited for people to finally hear it.”

    The dual back and forth of singers Goddard and Mick Campbell provides a fresh dynamic that isn’t always seen in alt-rock. Inevitably the band seem eager to jump into the Fleetwood Mac comparisons, but I find they have a lot more in common with American indie rock troubadours Wussy, who have a similar contrast of male/female vocals and a love of full-throated indie rock. Thankfully, it seems like Hushtones are forging their own path, and with any luck soon we won’t be able to compare them to anyone. It’ll just be “Hushtones Music”.

    Check out the audio for ‘Sinking’ down below. Greetings From The Other Side will be released on August 6.


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