Jack Antonoff performs ‘How Dare You Want More’ on SNL
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  • Post published:17/01/2022
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(Credit: Bleachers / Press)


Jack Antonoff performs ‘How Dare You Want More’ on SNL


    Bleachers took to the Saturday Night Live stage on Saturday, January 15th, delivering two performances. The first was a high-octane cut of ‘How Dare You Want More’, from their 2021 album Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night. With a backing band made up of singer-songwriter Blu DeTiger on bass and rising indie star Claud on keys, Bleachers frontman and revered producer Jack Antonoff was also joined by his father, who offered up his services on guitar.

    Antonoff’s decision to invite his dad on stage wasn’t random. Following the release of ‘How Dare You Want More’, the frontman explained how the track had been inspired by a number of revelations about his family, making his father’s appearance all the more significant. “Over the past few years I found out things about my family that challenged some of the myths of our structure,” Antonoff began.

    He went on to add: “I’ve felt rage, fear, darkness etc around it, but at the end of the day what I am left with is that everybody wants a little more and going out there and trying to get it is something that can produce a lot of shame in people. So… how dare you want more? How dare you go out and get what you want? How do you ask for it when you’re not sure if you even deserve it? It’s an easy song to write about the people in my life and the hardest thing to do to oneself.”

    Bleachers returned to the stage later in the show for a performance of ‘Chinatown’, which was written in collaboration with Bruce Springsteen back in 2020. Featuring Claud on guitar, the rendition acts as a tender counterpoint to the ecstatic energy of ‘How Dare You Want More’.

    Roddy Rich was supposed to feature as the musical guest on last weekend’s SNL. However, the rapper was forced to pull out last minute due to one of his team testing positive for Covid-19. Bleacher’s performance comes ahead of their fourth album. It’s set for release at the tail end of 2022, so you’ll have to hang tight.

    Bleachers recently released Live At Electric Lady, their nine-track live album recorded at the famous titular venue. It contains live cuts of some of Bleacher’s best-loved tracks including new versions of ‘Chinatown’ and ‘What’d I Do With All This Faith?’, the latter of which features backing vocals by St. Vincent.

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