Jake Bugg shares new single ‘Downtown’
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  • Post published:27/07/2021
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(Credit: Jack Bridgeland)

Jake Bugg shares new single ‘Downtown’

    Jake Bugg – ‘Downtown’

    Jake Bugg has shared his stripped-back piano-based new single, ‘Downtown’.

    His last track, ‘Lost’, was hand-crafted for an Ibiza sunset and showed off an exuberant side to the singer that he’d only ever previously expressed on his 2019 collaboration with Camelphat. ‘Downtown’ couldn’t be more different from its predecessor, and his upcoming album, Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, is shaping up to be more assorted than a box of Celebrations.

    Bugg expertly guides his voice to reach notes that he’s previously never even attempted to attack, and it provides ‘Downtown’ with bundles of emotion as he reaches his hand out to an ex-lover on the track.

    The idea for the track was created by his collaborator, Jamie Hartman, with Bugg commenting: “Usually, the initial spark of an idea comes from me. And when it doesn’t, it sometimes loses my attention,” he admitted. The singer-songwriter added: “There were a lot of moving parts and chords, it was almost like a puzzle. I’d never approached a song like that before.”

    At the beginning of the opening verse, Bugg delicately pleads: “Help me it’s all moving too fast, Weeks gone and I don’t get ’em back, Head’s about to burst, Shooting down back to Earth.”

    In the chorus, we find the 27-year-old reminiscing about hazy lost evenings spent with his former flame. He sings, “And follow me now, follow me now, follow me down, follow me downtown, summer nights we’d go, summer nights we’d go raving, you’ll never be alone, you’ll never be alone.”

    Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, which arrives at the end of next month, will be Bugg’s first album in four years, and despite the gap between records, it will remarkably be the 27-year-old’s fifth album.

    Judging by the singles released from the record, it’s promising to be a genre-shifting album that doesn’t religiously stick to a particular theme or sound. This versatility is allowing Bugg to show that he’s much more than a throwback country singer and express the full range of his talents.


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