James Blake shares new single ‘Famous Last Words’
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  • Post published:16/09/2021
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(Credit: James Blake)

James Blake shares new single ‘Famous Last Words’

    James Blake – ‘Famous Last Words’

    British electronica giant James Blake has released a new single off of his forthcoming LP Friends That Break Your Heart, ‘Famous Last Words’.

    If you happen to know James Blake personally and are comfortable enough around him that physical contact isn’t considered inappropriate, please do me a favour and someone, for the love of God, give that man a hug.

    If you couldn’t already tell from the album title, the songs previewed from Friends That Break Your Heart so far have been more than just tinged with melancholia. ‘Say What You Will’ was muted but had a message of self-reliance behind it. ‘Life Is Not the Same’ is a long-distance lament, but at least there’s love there to be lost. ‘Famous Last Words’, on the other hand, wallows in its own misery.

    With some bloopy synthesisers backing him up, Blake sputters out lines like “You’re the last of my old things/ The cast from my broken limbs” and “I can’t believe I’m still holding out and seeing signs/I’ve truly lost it” in his signature high bray. Hey, James, perk up a bit buddy. No need to be so hard on yourself. The chorus does shift through some interesting chromatic vocal lines, adding colour to this otherwise grey-soaked slog. Blake has done “heartbroken” before, but he’s never done “despondent” to this level, at least so far as I’m aware of.

    Friends That Break Your Heart was originally slated to come out last Friday, but now it’s been pushed back for an October release. That’s not Blake’s fault, seeing as the vinyl factory that was pressing the LPs was inundated with a Covid outbreak, so we can’t exactly call it “pulling a Kanye”. Unlike some people…

    Check out the audio for ‘Famous Last Words’ down below. Friends That Break Your Heart is now set to come out on October 8.


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