Japanese Breakfast share new song ‘Glider’
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  • Post published:01/09/2021
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(Credit: Japanese Breakfast)

Japanese Breakfast share new song ‘Glider’

    A few months ago, we reported on Japanese Breakfast leader Michelle Zauner’s involvement in soundtracking the new indie video game, Sable. Today, Zauner is back with another new track from the upcoming third-person platformer, ‘Glider’.

    “I was so lucky Daniel Fineberg and Gregorios Kythreotis from Shedworks invited me onto this game so early on,” Zauner said in a press release. “I was immediately captivated by the world they’d built, a desert planet filled with mysterious natural and architectural wonders, and the story they’d imagined, one of a young girl coming of age through exploration. It was important to me that each biome in this world felt unique.”

    If you, like me, thought you were clever by making an immediate connection between this new song’s title and the classic track by My Bloody Valentine, well, it’s time to get off that high shoegaze horse because Zauner’s ‘Glider’ doesn’t hold any real resemblance to the “vacuum cleaner plugged into a Marshall” sound of Kevin Shields.

    Floaty and electronic, Japanese Breakfast’s ‘Glider’ sounds like the perfect backing track to a dystopian sprawl that’s both deserted and strangely beautiful. In other words, it seems like it’s matching the feeling of Sable perfectly. The step away from pure indie rock makes it sound like a great Jubilee track that just didn’t make the cut, except instead of ambitious orchestrations, ‘Glider’ is purposefully stripped back and sparse.

    Sable isn’t Zauner’s first experience with having her music be featured in a video game, but it is the latest project of hers that’s coming to light since Jubilee was released back in June. After Sable, Zauner will likely focus her attention on soundtracking the adaptation of her memoir Crying in H Mart. Have you read Crying in H Mart yet? It’s fantastic. It’s the kind of book that you loan out to friends who don’t even know Japanese Breakfast. It’s incredibly funny, devastatingly heartbreaking, and will make you very, very hungry.

    Check out the audio for ‘Glider’ down below.


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