Japanese Breakfast throw it back with Simlish version of ‘Be Sweet’
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  • Post published:17/06/2021
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(Credit: Japanese Breakfast)

Japanese Breakfast throw it back with Simlish version of ‘Be Sweet’

    Newly crowned queen of the American indie rock mountain Michelle Zauner, better known to the wider world as Japanese Breakfast, is on a one-woman mission to conquer every single medium of media.

    Her main milieu of course is music, where she recently released her third studio album Jubilee. We were big fans of Jubilee, as were pretty much everyone who listened to it, and it cemented Japanese Breakfast as the cutting edge of modern alternative indie music.

    But that wasn’t good enough for Zauner. A little over a month before Jubilee‘s release, the artist released her memoir Crying in H Mart, her first book, which chronicles the diagnosis of Zauner’s mother with cancer and her subsequent trials through the healing power of food, reconciling her half-Korean identity, and how the tragedy played a role in her own creative ambitions. I’m about halfway through Crying in H Mart, and it is a hell of an experience to read. Funny, heartbreaking, and eloquent, the book doubles as a warm tribute to Zauner’s mother and an origin story for anyone interested in Zauner’s indie rock ascension.

    Roughly a month after its release, Crying in H Mart was picked up by studio Orion Pictures for a feature-length adaptation, to which Zauner will provide the film’s soundtrack. Surely music, literature, and film are enough for Zauner to conquer, right?

    Wrong. Zauner has now ascended to the highest place in pop culture by having the Japanese Breakfast song ‘Be Sweet’ be adapted into Simlish for the new extension pack of The Sims 4. This extension pack is apparently the eleventh extension pack for The Sims 4, which boggles my mind as someone who hasn’t played The Sims since the mid-2000s. It’s just another feather in Zauner’s already extensively feathered cap. Don’t be surprised if we’re watching a Japanese Breakfast TV show or catching up on the Michelle Zauner podcast in a few weeks. There’s not a single medium that she won’t absorb as her own.

    Listen out the Simlish version of ‘Be Sweet’ soundtrack the new trailer for The Sims 4 Cottage Living down below.


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