Jarvis Cocker and Gucci Soundsystem share video for environmental thumper ‘Let’s Stick Around’
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  • Post published:05/12/2021
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(Credit: Mariel Argüello)


Jarvis Cocker and Gucci Soundsystem share video for environmental thumper ‘Let’s Stick Around’

    Jarvis Cocker and Gucci Soundsystem – ‘Let’s Stick Around’

    Jarvis Cocker and Gucci Soundsystem have released the environmentally-conscious video for their recent banger, ‘Let’s Stick Around’. Last month, the track was dropped to coincide with the end of the disappointing COP26 conference in Glasgow. It’s a colossal techno number that contains flecks of acid house. If you’ve got speakers, make sure you turn the bass up.

    Cocker’s pertinent lyrics whisper on top of the heavy electronic beat, driving the message home. The lyrics, “This is not a question of being wrong or being right”, and “It’s a sticky situation / How do we get out of this mess?” really enforces the point of the song. 

    The former Pulp frontman described the track as “the world’s first sustainable banger”. The handicam shot footage for the video features significant interviews with climate change campaigners from the COP26 at the start and end of the nine-minute clip.

    It follows Cocker dancing around inside an indoor market sandwiched between the two sets of interviews. At the time of shooting the video, Cocker was performing with his new outfit JARV IS, so it worked out perfectly. 

    One half of Gucci Soundsystem, Ben Rymer, said in a statement: “When we started making the film, I couldn’t believe my luck getting Tim and Barry on board to film Jarv”.

    He explained: “The performance is sick, and it looks amazing, but by far the best bit of making this film was meeting the protestors on the ground at COP26. All of them were so eloquent and totally at odds with the way they are portrayed on telly. They’re just ordinary people who are scared like the rest of us, the difference is they’ve decided to not let things get them down. Like the song says.”

    In a Guardian interview in November, Cocker said it was “appropriate” that ‘Let’s Stick Around’ was released during COP26: “A lot of debates in the modern world devolve into people shouting at each other from opposite corners of a room,” he said in his typically perceptive manner. “The idea was that anybody could dance to this song and agree with it. That’s what music does so well. It brings people together.”

    A total banger, ‘Let’s Stick Around’ should be played at party’s and dances worldwide to get the message across. It gets you moving instantly, whilst also managing to make you think hard about the environmental disaster that is just around the corner. Genius.

    Watch the video for ‘Let’s Stick Around’ below.

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