Jimothy Lacoste shares new song ‘Describe Stoke-On-Trent’
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  • Post published:02/08/2021
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(Credit: Jimothy Lacoste)

Jimothy Lacoste shares new song ‘Describe Stoke-On-Trent’

    Jimothy Lacoste – ‘Describe Stoke-On-Tent’

    British indie-pop singer Jimothy Lacoste has shared his latest single, ‘Describe Stoke-On-Trent’.

    Taking pillowy synths and pairing them with a casually driving house beat, Lacoste alternates between singing and rapping his way through lines covering topics like serotonin, emotional compartmentalisation, cruising down highways, and the dynamic duo of hookers and blow — and that’s just in the first verse.

    There’s a part of my brain which is convinced that my editors occasionally assign me songs just to immerse me more thoroughly in British culture and geography. For example, I had no idea where ‘Stoke-On-Trent’ was before today. Nor did I know that it’s the capital of England’s pottery industry, which apparently has an incredibly detailed and robust history. Lacoste makes Stoke-On-Trent’ sound like a party capital that has blaring dance music emanating from every window, but the pictures I see are of a more quiet and quaint city.

    ‘Describe Stoke-On-Trent’ has a strong Pet Shop Boys vibe, from Lacoste’s droll delivery and strong English inflexion to the pulsating and danceable rhythms that undercut a more melancholic music arrangement hiding just below the surface. I’m pretty sure I heard the line “life is getting quite exciting,” the pervasive motto that Lacoste is wanting to say in just about every song, at about thirty seconds in. As the song radiates with a cautious sort of optimism, Lacoste also gives you the option to just turn off your brain and enjoy the trippy beats for all their worth.

    The latest track is the first new music from Lacoste since the Jimothy’s House Party Package 1 EP and the full-length release The Safeway, both of which were unveiled earlier this year. Lacoste likes to keep busy, so I wouldn’t be shocked to see another release sometime before the year is out.

    Check out the audio for ‘Describe Stoke-On-Trent’ down below.


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