John Carpenter releases soundtrack to Stephen King project
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  • Post published:24/04/2022
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John Carpenter releases soundtrack to Stephen King project

    Seminal horror director John Carpenter has revealed his soundtrack for the upcoming Stephen King adaptation Firestarter, which sees the director tackling music duties, rather than creative. The film will be will released digitally on May 13th, the movie arrives in theatres and streaming services at that time.

    The soundtrack will arrive in its physical form on October 14th through Sacred Bones. The score forms another part of his creative muse that is rarely commented on in life, but it seems to be one of the aspects of his life that he is most proud of, considering that he collaborates with his son Cody Carpenter and godson Daniel Davies.

    “I grew up with a father who was a violinist,” admitted Carpenter, when he was asked to critique his music and compositional skills. “And I was around, I guess, 8 years old. And he decided maybe I needed to start playing the violin. And the only problem was, I have absolutely no talent. And that didn’t work out too well. So from there, I went to the keyboard and kind of picked it up, then the guitar, and I picked that up. See, I’m just sort of a bum in music. A second-rate bum.”

    Carpenter spearheaded the Halloween franchise and worked with Kurt Russell on Escape From New York, which likely explains why his music is seen as so dramatic and dense. His newest soundtrack hints at a more hard edged science-fiction oriented milieu, capturing the essence of the screenplay, before imbuing his own personality within the vortex of the score itself. ‘Firestarter (End Titles)’ holds a piano work that seeps into the listeners’ ear. High on atmosphere and tight on texture, the score suggests that the film will hold a cerebral edge to it.

    In other Stephen King related news, the author released a recipe for microwaved salmon that some have labelled as his most “horrifying” work yet. The author is best known for Carrie and Misery, but has become something of an internet celebrity in recent years, posting many of his thoughts on Twitter and Facebook.

    Stream a track from Carpenter’s work for Firestarter below.

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