John Lydon loses Sex Pistols TV show court case
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  • Post published:25/08/2021
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Sex Pistols frontman John Lyndon prepares to release limited edition lyrical book

John Lydon loses Sex Pistols TV show court case

    John Lydon’s legal challenge to halt the use of Sex Pistols songs in the upcoming Danny Boyle series focused on the band has been shot down. Lydon had previously been described as being “too difficult to work with” and was snubbed from his involvement in the production, leading to the dispute involving the band’s recorded material.

    After getting the boot from the FX series, Lydon went on to call the situation “the most disrespectful shit,” and claimed, “It can’t go anywhere else [but court].” The snotty singer continued, “Sorry, you think you can do this, like walk all over me — it isn’t going to happen. Not without a huge, enormous fucking fight.” That fight, it appears, has been lost by Lydon.

    The former Johnny Rotten was informed by the legal challenge’s presiding judge that Lydon’s previous contract with bandmates Paul Cook and Steve Jones regarding the use of Sex Pistol’s songs in media was still intact and that Lydon “had actually signed away his power to control the use of music rights.”

    Lydon had previously used individual vetoes to block the band’s songs from commercial use, but the new precedent set would require a two-thirds majority. Cook and Jones are more directly involved with the Boyle production.

    “We welcome the court’s ruling in this case. It brings clarity to our decision-making and upholds the band members’ agreement on collective decision-making,” Cook and Jones said in a joint statement. “It has not been a pleasant experience, but we believe it was necessary to allow us to move forward and hopefully work together in the future with better relations.” 

    Lydon had previously claimed that the show aimed to portray him in”a hostile and unflattering light”. He told the court during the proceedings that “I care very much about this band and its reputation and its quality control and I will always have a say if I think anything is being done to harm or damage [it].”

    Lydon has always had a discerning taste when it comes to his reputation in media.


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