Jon Hopkins announces Music for Psychedelic Therapy release
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Steve Gullick

Jon Hopkins announces Music for Psychedelic Therapy release

    Grammy-nominated British electronic musician and producer Jon Hopkins is set to embark on his latest mindful project with the release of the new cultural outing Music for Psychedelic Therapy

    To launch the latest album from the mixing desk phenom who has worked with the likes of Brian Eno, David Lynch and Four Tet, is his latest single ‘Sit Around the Fire’ featuring the late renowned spiritualist Ram Dass on vocals for the ethereal track. 

    The official press release reads: “In light of the recent psychedelic resurgence, Jon Hopkins hopes Music for Psychedelic Therapy will take listeners on a new kind of meditative musical journey: for those looking to enhance their connection with psychedelic therapy and for sober listeners looking to deepen their meditation practices through immersive sound.”

    Jon Hopkins commented on the lead single: “’Sit Around The Fire’ exists from one of the deep synchronicities that ushered this thing [Music For Psychedelic Therapy] into being. I was contacted by East Forest, who had spent some time with Ram Dass in Hawaii before he passed.”

    Adding: “He was given access to several lesser-heard talks from the 70s, and asked to set them to music. He sent me some starting points, including the beautiful choral vocals he recorded which open the piece. I put my headphones on and with Ram Dass’ voice inside my head, I sat at the piano and improvised. What you hear is the first thing that came out – it just appeared in response to the words.”

    The album continues much in the same vein as the single, repurposing the emerging psychedelic sensibilities of the sixties for the modern-day. It follows the Summer of Love sound and ideals, by creating a sonic splurge that encapsulated spiritualism in the mix.

    As the release explains the project is wrought out of Hopkins’ time at the Department of Brain Sciences at Imperial College, London. Thus, it is clear that this is no mere jaunt in the realm of new-age ideas and has a firm backing of scientific understandings behind it. 

    Music For Psychedelic Therapy will be released digitally and on CD on November 12, 2021, with LPs released on February 11, 2022. Pre-order:  Digital | CD | Limited Edition Domino Mart LP including exclusive lithograph print.

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