Jon Hopkins releases new single ‘Sit Around the Fire’
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  • Post published:07/09/2021
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(Credit: Steve Gullick / Press)

Jon Hopkins releases new single ‘Sit Around the Fire’

    Producer extraordinaire Jon Hopkins has announced the details for his upcoming LP Music For Psychedelic Therapy and has released the album’s first single, ‘Sit Around the Fire’.

    Hopkins is an expert in meshing the glitchy world of electronica with the meditative and introspective sounds of ambient music. So much so that a cover of a Brian Eno song would seem a little on the nose. But Hopkins has firmly established his own sound and style, with ‘Sit Around the Fire’ exemplifying his ethereal ability to arrange music and metaphysical concepts.

    “’Sit Around The Fire’ exists from one of the deep synchronicities that ushered this thing into being,” Hopkins explained. “I was contacted by East Forest, who had spent some time with Ram Dass in Hawaii before he passed. He was given access to several lesser-heard talks from the 70s, and asked to set them to music.”

    “He sent me some starting points, including the beautiful choral vocals he recorded which open the piece,” Hopkins continued. “I put my headphones on and with Ram Dass’ voice inside my head, I sat at the piano and improvised. What you hear is the first thing that came out – it just appeared in response to the words.”

    Check out the visualiser for ‘Sit Around the Fire’ down below. Music For Psychedelic Therapy will be released on November 12.


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