Julia Jacklin and RVG team up to cover Björk
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  • Post published:30/05/2021
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(Credit: Jacob Diamond)

Julia Jacklin and RVG team up to cover Björk

    Two of Australia’s best exports, Julia Jacklin and RVG, have teamed up to cover one of legendary Icelandic singer Bjork’s best songs, the Post single ‘Army of Me’.

    Jacklin channels the intensity and utterly unique qualities of Björk’s voice without ever falling into parody or direct impression. Instead, what we get is two artists taking a song they both clearly love and paying tribute by finding the intensity and drive of the original and giving it a fresh spin. How could you not like that?

    I just love Björk and I love RVG,” Jacklin explains about the songs genesis. “I was running on a treadmill which I don’t do very often and I was listening to ‘Army of Me’ over and over again to make me feel stronger than I am. Then I thought why not try and cover this song with another artist that makes me feel stronger than I am and I did! It was a good musical punch in the face to wake me up from a year of living a very small quiet life. RVG are one of my favourite bands in the whole world and it was a real blessing to spend some time with them making music.”

    “We adore Julia’s music and were thrilled when she asked us to do a precious Bjork song with her,” the members of RVG add. “I think we all wanted to challenge ourselves a bit and do things we haven’t done before in a studio, while at the same time just having fun and letting ourselves be as intuitive as possible.” 

    Jacklin’s second album, Crushing, released at the front end of 2019, is the dictionary definition of critical acclaim. That can seem pretentious, but tracks like ‘Pressure to Party’ and ‘Good Guy’ are well worth the praise. For their part, RVG had a pretty great second album of their own, Feral, released last year. These are two artists who are really coming into their own, but it’s nice to hear them take a breather and just crank out a great low-stakes cover.

    Check out the cover of ‘Army of Me’ down below.


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