Julian Casablancas is not a fan of England’s Euro 2020 performance
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Julian Casablancas is not a fan of England’s Euro 2020 performance

    There are a number of prominent musicians and artists who have been head over heels for England’s national football team and their ascension to the finals of Euro 2020. Dua Lipa, Adele, Piers Morgan, Robbie Williams, and Daisy May Cooper are among the greater diaspora of British celebrities who have been celebrating.

    Liam Gallagher, who along with his brother/sparring partner Noel, has become perhaps the most famous and visible of all Man City fans, so it’s no surprise that he tweeted his delight when City attacker Raheem Sterling drew the penalty kick that led to the Three Lions victory over Denmark. Like Gallagher, England and her citizens are revelling in the glory that perhaps this is the year where, yes, it’s coming home.

    It’s been a little bit more difficult to get the Yanks on board. As a proud, if not quite patriotic, American citizen myself, I can say with a strong amount of certainty that if I didn’t work for a British culture magazine and didn’t interact with a number of fiercely dedicated football fans as co-workers, I would not give two shits about Euro 2020.

    My own personal embrace of “footie” (God I feel weird for typing that) only kicked off this year when I embraced Man City as my own Premier League club. Even though I was cheering for Denmark for personal prize-winning purposes, I was delighted to see Sterling’s draw because of his connection to City. I think it’s fair to say I’ve gained a hefty amount of respect for association football.

    Someone who evidently hasn’t is Julian Casablancas. The Strokes frontman and eternally sardonic and beloved cultural figure who, like myself, usually sticks to baseball, weighed in on Sterling’s controversial penalty on an Instagram post yesterday.

    See his take, spelling errors and all, below.


    i don’t even care about outcome –best team win, i’m an argentina/USA fan, but soccer is a disgrace. it’s an ACTING CONTEST. whoever dives in the box best, wins close games. lollll

    total horseshit.

    &what’s the point of review if they spend 7 seconds??

    (and why is every fucking person giving their opinion british, ha. the worst.)

    i was rooting for france in world cup and griezman was fave player UNTILLL he dove in the final to give them go-ahead goal. or italy’s world cup against australia. all of them – including this. tainted. sorry. just is.

    just like Sterling WAS my favorite player in this game, but man….(his left foot is the interesting part of the acting job fall- left leg stops to make body fall believably)

    soccer needs repair.

    -the end

    The chances of seeing an ‘Ode to the Three Lions’ on the next Strokes album is likely pretty low, apparently.


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