Jungle share feelgood new single ‘Truth’
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  • Post published:02/08/2021
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Jungle share feelgood new single ‘Truth’

    Jungle – ‘Truth’

    Jungle have shared their vibrant new single, ‘Truth’, which is the latest effort to be released from their third album, Love In Stereo.

    The London based duo’s upcoming record arrives in just two weeks on August 13th, with ‘Truth’ the fourth single taken from it. All of the songs have been feel-good so far, and Jungle have got their energy back after slightly losing their way on their second album, For Ever.

    “‘Truth’ is another moment on the record which came very quickly and naturally,” the band say about the new single. “It was the most different sounding thing we had made at the time, and for that reason couldn’t ignore it. For us, it’s about youth, love and trust. The feeling of finding someone who means more than anything else in the world.”

    The new single is a celebration of the doe-eyed love of the honeymoon period, and Jungle manage to create that feeling with their masterful coruscating production skills that make ‘Truth’ give you a rush of blood to the head.

    I don’t mean this disparagingly; far from it, but I can’t not mention that ‘Truth’ sounds tailormade for a place on the playlist of the next FIFA game. It holds that unquantifiable aspect that makes it a perfect fit for the musical institution which Jungle are more than familiar with, having twice appeared.

    The band’s Tom McFarland previously spoke to Far Out about Love In Stereo and said, “It’s a joyful record, it’s energetic, it’s positive, and it’s affirming. It’s sort of everything that we’ve always wanted to make. I think our fans will hear that, and I think people that are new to it will hear something different.”

    As always with Jungle, ‘Truth’ is accompanied by choreographed visuals that elevate the track and help you feel the song rather than just hear it.


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