Jungle team up with Bas for new single ‘Romeo’
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  • Post published:10/07/2021
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(Credit: Filmwawi)

Jungle team up with Bas for new single ‘Romeo’

    Jungle – ‘Romeo’ ft. Bas

    London-based electro-soul production duo, Jungle, have teamed up with American rapper Bas for the latest preview of their upcoming third studio album Loving in Stereo, the buzzy and slick ‘Romeo’.

    “I’ve always been on a mission to work with artists whose sounds and worlds inspire me beyond raps sonic landscape,” Bas explains in a press release. “Jungle have been high on that list since a recommendation from a friend when I was in London seven years ago. I was and still am completely blown away by their music.”

    “Fast forward to The Greatest Day Ever festival a few years back,” he continues. “Our dressing rooms were down the hall from each other and I was BIG LIT off tequila so the voice in my head was like ‘GO IN THERE AND TELL THEM HOW DOPE THEY ARE’. I burst in there like the Kool-Aid man and did just that. We linked back up in London and now we got a tuuuune. I guess the moral of the story is listen to the tequila voice in your head?”

    Full transparency: when I first saw the collaboration, I did a double-take because I thought that the new song was featuring Happy Mondays wild man Bez instead of the up and coming Bas. Looks like I need stronger coffee in the morning.

    ‘Romeo’ is a solid track finding both camps in their respective comfort zones: Bas with some easy free-flowing verses that always sound like they come naturally with his gift of gab, while Jungle pulsate in the background with some solid R&B/funk instrumentation and samples.

    Check out the video for ‘Romeo’, plus the tracklisting for Loving in Stereo, down below. Loving in Stereo is set for an August 13 release.

    Loving in Stereo track listing:

    1. ‘Dry Your Tears’
    2. ‘Keep Moving’
    3. ‘All Of The Time’
    4. ‘Romeo’ ft. Bas
    5. ‘Lifting You’
    6. ‘Bonnie Hill’
    7. ‘Fire’
    8. ‘Talk About It’
    9. ‘No Rules’
    10. ‘Truth’
    11. ‘What D’You Know About Me’
    12. ‘Just Fly, Don’t Worry’
    13. ‘Goodbye My Love’ ft. Priya Ragu
    14. ‘Can’t Stop The Stars’


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