Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson receives severe backlash from anti-vaxxers
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Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson receives severe backlash from anti-vaxxers

    Kaiser Chiefs frontman, Ricky Wilson, has faced severe backlash after comments concerning the Covid-19 anti-vaxxers movement.

    During the band’s set at the Isle Of Wight Festival, Wilson asked audience members to cheer according to which vaccination they’d received, calling out names like Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca. Following a cacophony of applause, the singer then said: “Let’s hear it for the anti-vaxxers,” which was met with loud booing from the crowd.

    Following the performance, Kaiser Chiefs’ Twitter exploded with comments from furious anti-vaxxers. One user posted a video of Wilson at The Isle of Wight Festival, describing the band as a “cult”. Other’s accused Wilson of “stoking division”, whilst many made it clear that they would “never again” watch Kaiser Chiefs live, or buy their records. Wilson was even compared to Adolf Hilter in one notable tweet.

    One user tagged Ricky Wilson in a tweet that reads: “Creating division amongst your fans – nice work…. whether someone is jabbed is private medical info and none of your business. Promoting an experimental drug with no long-term data on side effects is dangerous, ignorant and insulting to those who have lost loved one’s post jab.”

    Wilson was quick to respond to the comments. In a post, he wrote: “I thought that the virus was frightening, but the dedicated velocity of the ‘Vaccine Risk Aware’ community is swift, personal, harsh, expletive-ridden and effective,” he said, before adding: “They win fair and square. Twitter is yours.”

    The Kaiser Chiefs frontman was also on the receiving ends of angry comments by Scottish TV personality Gillian McKeith, who accused Wilson of being “paid to become a drug baron.”

    In response, Wilson wrote: “I believe what I believe. You are using your influence every single day to share what you believe (Which you have a right to do) and I do it once and you label me manipulative? Please leave me alone in future.”

    See a clip of the incident, below.


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