Kasabian share the triumphant first song of new chapter ‘ALYGATYR’
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Kasabian share the triumphant first song of new chapter ‘ALYGATYR’

    Kasabian – ‘ALYGATYR’

    Leicester rock heroes Kasabian have returned with a new single. This is a significant release for the band as it is their first without ex-frontman Tom Meighan, who had been with the band since their inception in 1997.

    Entitled ‘ALYGATYR’, the track can only really be described as a success, particularly given the existential crisis that Kasabian faced as of late. They’ve bounced back, and no doubt, fans will love it.

    The band took to their social media on Tuesday evening (October 26th) to announce the surprise. Via a black-and-white 15-second clip, the band quickly showed fans that they weren’t going anywhere. Lead guitarist and songwriter, Serge Pizzorno, has taken over as the band’s frontman since Meighan left under a cloud of smoke after assaulting his girlfriend in 2020.

    Produced by Pizzorno and Fraser T. Smith, Kasabian have shown that they don’t need Meighan. Let’s be honest, they never really did. Admittedly, the track is closer to one of Pizzorno’s solo efforts, but there’s still the key hallmarks of Kasabian.

    Certainly more dance-oriented than normal, Pizzorno manages to blend the grand electronica and huge production with a typically anthemic chorus. The track will fit seamlessly into their live set. It’s as if the old Kasabian have levelled up. Now that Pizzorno is the band’s frontman as well as the total creative mastermind, it’s exciting to see where they’ll go. We hope he carries on experimenting with dynamics, as this could really make for a brilliant second chapter for the band.

    It is key for the band’s longevity that he continues writing songs that contain a grain of difference to what came before and between his solo efforts, otherwise, there’s not really any point of continuing. Of course, it’s slightly cheesy, and the lyrics are rubbish, and his rhyme schemes in the verse are really lazy, but musically, it gets you moving. Furthermore, we can’t forget that although Meighan has gone, it’s still Kasabian. The profound thing is that Pizzorno has managed to augment the band’s sound. There’s a bit for everyone in ‘ALYGATYR’. You just have to take it as it comes.

    Casting off the shackles of the past, Kasabian played their first show without Meighan earlier this month as they began their lengthy UK tour, which will finish at the historic O2 Academy in Brixton on November 2nd. They’ve also brought Rob Harvey of The Music along as a touring member.

    A real earworm, you’re sure to have ‘ALYGATYR’ on repeat.

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