Kawala share details for mixtape ‘Paradise Heights’
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Kawala share details for mixtape ‘Paradise Heights’

    Rev up the hype machine because Leeds-born, South London-based up and comers, Kawala, have announced the details of their new release Paradise Heights.

    For anyone looking at the tracklist and saying “Oh, that’s an EP”, then shame on you. Paradise Heights is a mixtape, duh. In a day and age where what constitutes a full-length release versus what qualifies as any other format (here’s a hint: it’s all arbitrary now), Kawala have decided to stake their claim among hip hop artists and Soundcloud devotees by categorising their six song release thusly.

    It’s all good with us, though. One of the tracks from Paradise Heights, the simultaneously upbeat and downcast ‘Chasing/Wasting Time’, was a Far Out favourite back when it was first released a few months ago. We also know that the band have pretty good playlist tastes, so here’s hoping that Noname and Sylvan Esso helped inspire some of the band’s new tunes.

    The truth is, if you’re interested in checking out Paradise Heights, you pretty much already can. On top of ‘Chasing/Wasting Time’, songs like ‘Ticket To Ride’ and ‘1,000,000 x Better’ have already been released, and the announcement of the mixtape also came with the release of ‘Angry Man’, making two-thirds of the mixtape already available to listeners. It’s a strategy I don’t quite understand. Why not just release the last two tracks as a double single as they did for ‘Pure Desire/Loosen Up’? Why collect all these songs on a separate release when most of the material is already available? It can’t just be a cash grab, right? Because nobody buys music anymore, right?

    Whatever the case may be, I’m not here to rain on Kawala’s parade. They’re a cool band with a unique sound and a bunch of fun, well made tunes. Each new song is another exciting addition to a rapidly growing and formidable discography, so I’m happy to accept Paradise Heights into their own personal pantheon.

    Check out the audio for ‘Angry Man’, plus the Paradise Heights tracklisting, down below.

    Paradise Heights tracklisting:

    1. Chasing/Wasting Time
    2. Angry Man
    3. 1,000,000 x Better (Griff & Honne Cover)
    4. Ticket To Ride
    5. Back of my Hand
    6. Arms Wide Open


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