Khruangbin and Leon Bridges reunite for sexy ‘Chocolate Hills’
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Khruangbin and Leon Bridges reunite for sexy ‘Chocolate Hills’


    Khruangbin and Leon Bridges – ‘Chocolate Hills’

    Khruangbin and Leon Bridges have hooked up for the first time since their earworming collection of summer ditties on the celebrated 2020 Texas Sun EP for a new track titled ‘Chocolate Hills’ and it is about as sultry as a Parisian lingerie shop in the ‘hottest new Netflix series’.

    If the Texas Sun EP was all about communal road trips under blue skies, then the follow-up EP, Texas Moon, looks set to be about bedroom-bound longing under the cover of darkness. Sensual and slow, the first peak under the duvet at the album displays a Frank Ocean style sonic sway as Bridges half croons / half whispers the sort of smitten lyrics that get hastily deleted from WhatsApp after a brief rush of blood.

    While the song certainly doesn’t have the same immediate breezy hook that the previous single ‘Texas Sun’ caught an army of summer idlers with, Laura Lee Ochoa’s moody bassline and the delay pedalled guitar offers up that unmistakably sexy appeal that many SoundCloud artists have extolled to younger generations for a while now. As masters of sonic arrangement and sleek production, Khruangbin ensure that it offers it up at the highest quality.

    The band explained the flipside to the dayglo boon of their previous outing with a poetic statement that read: “Without joy, there can be no real perspective on sorrow. Without sunlight, all this rain keeps things from growing. How can you have the sun without the moon?” Let’s hope such sagacious prose weaves its way onto the forthcoming record. 

    Texas Moon is set to arrive via Dead Oceans on February 18th (which is looking like a busy day of releases as they join Beach House and a slew of others), ahead of Khruangbin’s world tour beginning in March. If you’re lucky, then you might even catch a surprise appearance from Bridges on some of those dates as he hits the road in July to tour Gold-Diggers Sound. 

    As for now, you can check out the uber-sultry ‘Chocolate Hills’ below… I’d just be cautious about the company you are in when you choose to listen. 

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