KISS cancel US tour dates after Paul Stanley tests positive for Covid-19
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  • Post published:28/08/2021
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KISS cancel US tour dates after Paul Stanley tests positive for Covid-19

    KISS have announced that they’ll be postponing their upcoming Philadelphia show. The news comes after the singer, Paul Stanley, tested positive for Covid-19. It comes as a blow to fans of KISS, who resumed their ‘End Of The Road’ tour just four days ago – with their Burgettstown, Philadelphia performance scheduled for August 26th.

    In a statement, KISS said that they had been following Covid-19 protocols to the letter in order to limit the chance of infection whilst they were on the road. Unfortunately, they were just unlucky. Information regarding upcoming tour dates is yet to be released.

    The statement reads: “Everyone on the entire tour, both band and crew, are fully vaccinated. The band and their crew have operated in a bubble independently to safeguard everyone as much as possible at each show and in between shows. The tour also has a Covid safety protocol officer on staff full-time that is ensuring everyone is closely following all CDC guidelines.”

    In a tweet, Stanley explained that he’d developed flu-like symptoms and was given a positive result after receiving multiple negative tests: “I had been sick with flu-like symptoms and was tested repeatedly and was negative. As of late this afternoon I tested positive. The crew, staff and band have all tested negative once again,” Stanley wrote, adding: “I am fine! I am not in ICU! My heart allows me to do 26 miles a day on my bike!”

    The irony is that earlier this month, lead singer Gene Simmons said he was considering installing vaccination mandates at KISS shows: “My druthers would be that everybody is mandated to get vaccines,” Simmons said in an interview. “I hope everybody is going to be wearing their masks [at the shows]. But we can only control what we can control and different states and different countries have different rules,” he added.


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