Korn singer Jonathan Davis still grappling with Covid-19 after-effects
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(Credit: Markus Felix)

Korn singer Jonathan Davis still grappling with Covid-19 after-effects

    According to Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch, the band’s singer, Jonathan Davis, is still struggling with the after-effects of Covid-19 after testing positive for the virus last month.

    The news comes after Korn were forced to postpone six shows and cancel two concerts on their current US tour. However, on August 27th, the band returned to the stage for the first time since Davis’ diagnosis. At the concert in Tinley Park, Illinois, it was clear to see that Davis was still suffering at the hands of the virus, which forced him to sit on a metal throne for the duration of the performance.

    Davis’ return to the stage is, in a way, quite surprising. Even after testing negative and dispersing symptoms, the virus can wreak physical and mental havoc, causing long-term damage. The footage of the concert, shot by a fan, shows that although he is still unable to give performances his usual energy, Davis is clearly very eager to get back on-stage. On stage, Davis exclaimed: “I’m fucking feeling very weak, but I fucking refuse to fucking cancel!”

    The singer gave it his all, despite having to stop to inhale from an oxygen tank by the side of the stage. However, he was using this method to cope with his asthma even before his diagnosis. In an Instagram post, Brian Welch gave more details in regards to Davis’ condition:

    “Jonathan Davis is still struggling with the COVID after-effects. He’s physically weak and having a mental battle. And any type of love, light and energy you can throw at him — prayers, all of it. We have shows coming up, so all of you guys, check the dates. Whatever show you’re going to, throw him some love and energy, man — he needs you more than ever.”

    You can watch footage of Korn’s performance below. The nu-metal band are currently on tour with Staind and are hammering through their rescheduled concert dates.


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