Lana Del Rey teases new single and artwork for upcoming album
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  • Post published:06/07/2021
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(Credit: Instagram)

Lana Del Rey teases new single and artwork for upcoming album

    If you were hoping for some kind of substantial update regarding Lana Del Rey’s upcoming eighth studio album, Blue Banisters, you’ve unfortunately come to the wrong place.

    If you were hoping for some mental breadcrumbs to state your revenues appetite for anything and everything Lana Del Rey, then you are most certainly in the right place.

    This past Sunday the singer-songwriter posted a tease of her latest single, which currently does not have an official title, on her Instagram page. The post was captioned: “Album out later later… Single out soonish. Have a good fourth.”

    That album in question, Blue Banisters, was previously anticipated to be released on the Fourth of July, but for one reason or another, Del Rey has held back the release. Maybe rush-announcing a new album after releasing one in March wasn’t exactly the best strategy. Or maybe Del Rey is one of the hundreds of Americans who suffered from a firework-related injury this Independence Day. Who knows?

    Whatever the reason may be, Del Rey felt obliged to at least update us on something. That something would be new album artwork for the upcoming LP, which now features Del Rey setting on a wood porch with her two German Shepherd dogs Tex and Mex. That post is captioned “TBD”, so the actual release date is probably somewhere between “tomorrow” and “never”, depending on the artist’s whims.

    Del Rey released her seventh studio album Chemtrails Over the Country Club earlier this year. Not even a month after its release, the singer announced a new album of fully completed material was going to be released this summer, originally slated for July 4th. A couple of teaser singles and teasers for singles have been released since then, but so far we have been deprived of the new album.

    We’ll check back in when “later later” becomes “now now”.


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