Lawsuit against Marilyn Manson for sexual assault has been dismissed
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  • Post published:19/09/2021
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Lawsuit against Marilyn Manson for sexual assault has been dismissed

    A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against the musician Marilyn Manson on counts of sexual assault from a woman who alleged he had raped and threatened to kill her. 

    According to reports from TMZ, the judge has waved the case on the grounds that the evidence is “not sufficient to invoke the delayed discovery rule.”

    The unnamed woman has been given 20 days to amend the lawsuit with additional details before it is officially embargoed from the court.

    While this case, in particular, pertains to a woman who began dating Manson in 2011 according to court documents, there are several other similar lawsuits awaiting court filed against the musician. 

    In fact, only a week ago Manson pleaded not guilty to an offence of misdemeanour assault after he turned himself into the Los Angeles Police Department off the back of a New Hampshire warrant for his arrest two months ago. 

    The charges the singer is facing, on this occasion, relate to an incident during which Manson continually spat on a videographer during a concert in 2019. The matter is being treated as an isolated incident and, in a legal sense, is unrelated to the sex abuse accusations that have also been levelled against the singer in recent months. 

    According to the Boston Globe, Manson negotiated an agreement with the Gilford Police Department in New Hampshire to surrender himself to LAPD. After the prearranged date of the handover, he will then be eligible for bail proceedings, before appearing in New Hampshire court in August. 

    The incident occurred when Manson was performing at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion back in August of 2019. Reports state that the Manson continually and relentlessly spat directly at a videographer present. 

    A report was filed immediately following the incident, but self-evidently, the investigation has taken a long time to come to fruition. Manson has since pleaded not guilty to two charges brought against him and a waiver has also been filed by his attorney. 

    Should he otherwise be found guilty then he could potentially face a maximum one-year jail sentence and a fine of $2000.

    More is expected on the various court cases Manson faces in the coming weeks. 

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