Liam Gallagher on potential Oasis reunion: “I’d do it for free”
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  • Post published:26/05/2021
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(Credit: Michael Spencer Jones)

Liam Gallagher on potential Oasis reunion: “I’d do it for free”

    Last week Noel Gallagher threw down a gauntlet for any would-be takers that he would reform Oasis for £100million. Now, his brother and frontman Liam has added fuel to the fire by announcing that he would “do it for free.”

    Speaking to The Jonathan Ross Show, Noel declared: “There isn’t £100million in the music business between all of us… if anybody wants to offer me £100million now, I’ll say it now, I’ll do it. I’ll do it for £100million.”

    In response to Noel’s statement on the matter, one of the band’s leading Instagram fan pages, Oasis Mania, posted an image related to his comments and Liam took the chance to spark fever in the comments section by writing: “I’d do it for FREE.”

    However, fans would also do well to note that this is far from the first time that a comeback seemed on the cards and it was earlier this very month that Noel said he wouldn’t reunite the band because their legacy was “set in stone.”

    Moreover, Noel was also asked about it upon the announcement of a film documenting the band’s iconic Knebworth gig, which is approaching its 25th anniversary, to which he commented that he “doesn’t feel like it,” regarding a reunion. 

    With his High Flying Birds going great guns Noel is certain not to need the money which will forever limit that timeless motivating factor when it comes to diving back into the choppy waters of yesteryear. On the other hand, the excitement sparked from these flippant comment’s alone hints at how wild the public reaction would be. 


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