Lindsey Buckingham releases new single ‘Scream’
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  • Post published:04/09/2021
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(Credit: Lindsey Buckingham / Press)

Lindsey Buckingham releases new single ‘Scream’

    Legendary American guitar pop god Lindsey Buckingham has weathered a lot in the past few years: getting kicked out of Fleetwood Mac, going through emergency open heart surgery in 2019, and getting divorced from his wife Kristen after two decades of marriage just a few months ago.

    But is Buckingham letting any of that keep him down? Hell no! Instead, the man with nearly five decades of rock star experience is doing what he does best – making music. Buckingham announced his self-titled LP back in June, and he’s released a brand new song from the upcoming album, ‘Scream’.

    “Everything on the record is me, for better or worse,” Buckingham explains. “Many of the songs on this album are about the work and discipline it takes in maintaining a long-term relationship. Some of them are more about the discipline and some of them are more about the perks.”

    “‘Scream’ is about the perks. It felt very celebratory and it was also very, very simple and short. To the point. It didn’t evolve into some huge thing. It made its case and got the hell out. It just seemed like a good place to start the album, somehow. It’s very upbeat and very optimistic and very positive. It’s a celebration of an aspect of life.”

    I don’t know if it’s because my brain is conditioned to do so automatically, but I swear it sounds exactly like Stevie Nicks providing backing vocals on this two-minute ode to carnal knowledge. The rumours are always circling around whether Buckingham will return to Fleetwood Mac (unless someone’s death makes that impossible, I say it’s a strong possibility), and he’s continuing to make music that would fit seamlessly into the group’s mould.

    Buckingham is set to launch a solo European tour in the fall and recently contributed to Halsey’s latest LP, so it seems as though he’s doing just fine outside of his most famous band. Still, imagine the ticket sales for “Fleetwood Mac: The Reunion Tour”.

    Check out the audio for ‘Scream’ down below. Lindsey Buckingham will be released on September 17.


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