Listen to Carolesdaughter cover of Radiohead song ‘Creep’
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  • Post published:01/09/2021
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(Credit: Carolesdaughter)

Listen to Carolesdaughter cover of Radiohead song ‘Creep’

    Californian pop-punk and hardcore inspired singer-songwriter Carolesdaughter has released a cover of Radiohead’s classic ‘Creep’.

    The single, from Radiohead’s 1992 debut record Pablo Honey, has proven to be one of the band’s biggest hits as it continues to weave its way into the cultural make-up of the 21st century.

    In recent years, the song has garnered a slew of new covers after a haunting version of it by Clint Mansell and Eliot Sumner featured in the climax of the film Filth

    Carolesdaughter, whose real name is Thea Taylor, celebrated the track in a statement along with the release that read: “I have always been a Radiohead fan. I would play the track online with my guitar often.”

    Adding: “A fan took that video footage and made a remix out of it. Once I heard how cool it sounded, I decided to cover it for real because I just love this song.”

    Before dubbing the Radiohead original “one of the best songs in the world,” and concluding, “It never gets old.”

    Carolesdaughter’s take on the track sees a gentle acoustic intro permeated by a big beat drop which results in a song that could certainly be described as something

    You can check out the unique cover below. 


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