Listen to Nova Twins’ ferocious new single ‘Antagonist’
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(Credit: Nova Twins)


Listen to Nova Twins’ ferocious new single ‘Antagonist’


    Nova Twins – ‘Antagonist’

    The experimental, guitar-wielding duo Nova Twins are back with their new single ‘Antagonist’. The track is their first offering since they joined veteran screamo outfit Bring Me The Horizon on their POST HUMAN tour and marks their first release via Marshall Records. The new partnership will see Amy Love and Georgia South release their second album, following their debut LP Who Are The Girls? which exploded onto the scene back in 2020.

    The pair are currently in the midst of recording the new album, having finalised five tracks already. Speaking about their approach to the forthcoming record in a recent interview, Georgia South said: “We’re definitely experimenting with things, and it sounds more like us than ever, in a way,” she began. “All those little details and the scrappiness of things, that’s what feels ‘Nova’. To stay DIY but to keep progressing, it’s cool to send a message that anyone can do it… Just get grafting, and you can make magic.”

    It is that self-motivated, DIY approach that has made Nova Twins one of the most uncategorisable young bands on the scene. In the words of Amy Love: “Our thing has always been that if you can’t play it yourself on guitar, drums and bass, it’s not going on the record. We’re not saying that we’ll never go bigger, but for where we’re at with a second record, it’s nice to feel like it’s still a ‘come as you are’ kind of thing. We don’t want to say too much just yet, but trust us – when this album comes out, we feel like you’ll know about it!”

    Just taking a look at the kind of bands Nova Twins are set to support points to the music industry’s inability to pigeonhole the trailblazing duo. Now that they’ve finished their stint of dates with Bring Me The Horizon, Nova Twins will embark on their own UK escapade in 2022 before joining Nottingham post-punk duo Sleaford Mods for their tour.

    As you would expect from a band billed alongside such a diverse range of artists, ‘Antagonist’ is hard to pin down. If you were to throw Tom Morello (who just so happens to be a fan) and Avril Lavigne into a choke-chain blender and blitz them for four-and-a-half minutes then maybe, just maybe, you’d be getting close. But to limit Nova Twins to mere comparisons would be to do them a disservice. They’re obviously on the hunt for a fresh sound and it seems as though they’re nearing on it. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for their next move.

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