Listen to Phoebe Bridgers do ASMR on ‘Ziwe’
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  • Post published:02/06/2021
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(Credit: Davis Bates)

Listen to Phoebe Bridgers do ASMR on ‘Ziwe’

    In news that will surely delight creepy indie-rock guys from around the world, Phoebe Bridgers participated in an ASMR segment on the latest episode of comedienne Ziwe Fumudoh’s eponymous variety show.

    Bridgers appears on the ‘Allyship’ episode that was released in late May. During the segment in question, Bridgers comedically reads a number of statements you’d expect to hear from a painfully woke “ally”, including “I will never get married on a plantation”, “I apologise for all racism”, and the wonderfully succinct “gay rights”.

    This is the kind of stuff that is Fumudoh’s bread and butter. If you’ve never seen Baited before, you should check that out ASAP. It’s full of well-meaning famous individuals who have to confront their own benign form of ignorance by being put on the spot and asked, referencing one famous example, to name five Asian people.

    For those lucky few who do not know, ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. Basically, it’s that tingling feeling that you feel around your body when somebody whispers something in your ear. The concept itself is not explicitly sexual, but there does happen to be a notable fetish community around the practice.

    Why is this getting traction now? I don’t know, people like Phoebe Bridgers, people like ASMR, and maybe there’s a decent cross over between the two. But God it makes me so uncomfortable. All ASMR videos inspire an equal amount of cringe, discomfort, anxiety, and disgust in my neural pathways. Basically ASMR has the opposite effect on me than what is intended. It creeps me out. I hate it. Absolutely loathe it.

    But some of you freaks probably like it. In that case, go ahead and check out the video, or at least the preview tweet. Have a ball. Just make sure to wash your hands afterwards.


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