Lorde brings the summer jams to Colbert with ‘Solar Power’
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  • Post published:19/07/2021
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Lorde brings the summer jams to Colbert with ‘Solar Power’

    New Zealand’s new queen of the summer party, Lorde, went to the roof for her recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

    The pop star performed the title track for her upcoming third studio album Solar Power. The singer brought a joyous and infectious energy to an already buoyant tune, and when the bubble machine went off halfway through, you could practically feel the fun radiating through the screen.

    Lorde was previously a guest last month on Colbert, where she talked about her relatively brief hiatus from recording music, her maturity, and that pearl-clutching album cover. “Do it while you’ve got it,” the singer laughed, responding to what some see as a scandalous Solar Power cover. What, you guys haven’t seen a butt before? Grow up.

    The ‘Solar Power’ performance doubles as Lorde’s return to the live sphere and a preview of her upcoming Solar Power Tour, which will kick off in February of next year. Organising world tours at the tail end of a pandemic is a tricky proposition, hence the holding off of a self-described summery album for a less-than summery winter starting date. Most global artists aren’t going to be making appearances outside of their native lands until 2022, but Lorde was able to make it to New York for a single song.

    You probably don’t need me to tell you how catchy and carefree ‘Solar Power’ is. Co-produced with pop svengali and Bleachers leader Jack Antonoff, there is a distinctly slick vibe that Antonoff also brings to his production work with Taylor Swift that’s present here. The cool thing about Antonoff is that he’s able to tailor that slick and poppy sensibility to whatever artist he’s working with, whether it’s the folkier inclinations of Swift, the dramatic noir of Lana Del Rey, or the futuristic funk of St. Vincent. Lorde’s bright and shiny summer pop is within the same wheelhouse, but a distinctly separate entity, from the work he’s done before.

    Check out the performance of ‘Solar Power’ down below. Solar Power is set for an August 20 release.


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