Low share new video for ‘More’
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  • Post published:20/08/2021
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(Credit: Low)

Low share new video for ‘More’

    Minnesota’s favourite dream poppers, Low, have shared a new video for their latest single ‘More’.

    The new video is described as “explores the Sisyphean task of dismantling structural oppression, through gender biases” by the band in press release. That’s pretty heavy, and the minimalist lyrics don’t quite paint the clearest picture of those themes either.

    But if you’re hoping for something obvious and easy digest, you don’t know Low. Formed in the hinterlands of Duluth in the early 1990s by married Mormons Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker, the band have twelve albums of punishingly beautiful and dynamic rock music that’s hard to explain, much less summarise.

    ‘More’ is no exception: it’s got sludgy guitars, languid tempos, wonderfully melodic vocals, and industrial metal soundscapes. It sounds like it should be awful, but also like most of Low’s work, it’s wonderfully subversive in its own unique way.

    ‘More’ is set to be featured on the band’s thirteenth LP HEY WHAT, the band’s seventh release for legendary Seattle independent label Sub Pop. It’s hard to imagine what new avenues or territories Low can explore now that they’re almost 30 years into their career, but they’re a band that’s full of surprises, so I’m excited to find out.

    Check out the video for ‘More’ down below. HEY WHAT will be released on September 10.


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