LT Wade shares new single ‘Unfortunately’
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  • Post published:24/03/2022
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(Credit: LT Wade)


LT Wade shares new single ‘Unfortunately’


    LT Wade – ‘Unfortunately’

    British indie rock lifer LT Wade has dropped his latest single, the woozy and slinky ‘Unfortunately’.

    We’ve all been there: go to a show, see someone cute on the other side of the room, and start to make a move. In ‘Unfortunately’, that person has their sights on someone else, a bitter pill for any potential lothario to swallow.

    The song’s lyrics ride the line between necessary simplicity and boilerplate blandness, but the message is received loud and clear: “I can feel my heart thundering / I won’t fall in love tonight / Unfortunately it’s clear to me / You’re leaving with that other guy”

    Although ‘Unfortunately’ doesn’t exactly break any new ground in the lovesick indie-rock realm, the song rides high on its easy charms and catchy looseness. Any song that brings in claves as part of its arrangement is A-OK in my book.

    Take note, DIY rockers: tambourines and cowbells are old hat. It’s time to expand your scope when fumbling through the random percussion at the local music shop by embracing the claves as the clickety-clackety instrument of the future.

    Wade has been through the rock and roll ringer, having provided guitar work for A-list figures like Johnny Marr, Courtney Love, and Gaz Coombes. His latest LP, 2020’s Requiem for the American Dream, sees the Englishman analysing what’s gone and what remains of America’s most essential philosophy.

    Check out the audio for ‘Unfortunately’ down below.

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