Lucy Dacus drops new song by phone number on flyers
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  • Post published:01/02/2022
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Credit: Lucy Dacus


Lucy Dacus drops new song by phone number on flyers

    Lucy Dacus fans were treated to a surprise this weekend as a new track has been made available to be heard by phoning a number featured on a flyer after being spotted by eagle-eyed Dacus supporters.

    A tweet shared overnight (January 30th) shows an image of a flyer alongside the message ‘Nervous About Making The First Move? Call (804) 409-4451 for Kissing Lessons’. ‘Kissing Lessons’ happens to be the name of the song, and on that individual tweet, the user explained how she came across the flyer outside Greenpoint Avenue subway station in New York. 

    “I went out to get a single tomato from the bodega during a blizzard and happened to see this taped to my local Subway station?!?” they wrote. “I was like no way this is a LD (Lucy Dacus) promo that would be too coincidental.”

    The number on the flyer used the local US area code 804 and was designed to be torn from the bottom. In a subsequent thread featuring Lucy Dacus sleuths, another fan shared an image of the same flyer spotted in Richmond, Virginia, Dacus’ hometown. In addition to the growing number of flyer sightings, fans then shared their thoughts on the quality of the song, including its production and lyrics. 

    Interestingly, Dacus is yet to comment on the new track. However, she did retweet the original post that spotted the flyer in New York. 

    It’s been a busy few months for Lucy Dacus. Her latest single was ‘Going Going Gone’, a stellar take from her lauded third album Home Video which was released back in June. The record also featured takes such as ‘Brando’ and ‘VBS’. 

    Far Out‘s Tyler Golsen ranked Home Video as our ‘Album of the Week’ when it dropped and said: “Home Video is a wonderfully deep and thoroughly fleshed out rabbit hole for anyone who wishes to see how Dacus evolved into who she is today. It’s an album that never sacrifices melody or musicality for storytelling or plot, but brings the two together to feed off and compliment one another. Each song is a puzzle piece into the past of an artist who has now firmly established her unique voice as one of the great singer-songwriters of her generation.”

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