Mark Ronson reflects on his behaviour around Amy Winehouse
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Mark Ronson reflects on his behaviour around Amy Winehouse

    Mark Ronson has opened up about his friendship with Amy Winehouse, explain how he doesn’t “fully love” his behaviour around the late singer.

    Ronson produced Winehouse’s seminal album, Back To Black, and he unlocked the best of her talents. However, looking back on their relationship a decade after her tragic death, Ronson has opened up about his regrets and alluded to wishing he did more to help.

    Winehouse criticised Ronson following a TV interview with Jools Holland the year before her death, and the two fell out in public. She tweeted: “Ronson you’re dead to me; one album I write, and you take half the credit – make a career out of it? Don’t think so bruv.”

    She then backtracked and wrote: “Ronson I love you; that make it better? You know I love you.”

    Their relationship was complicated, and Ronson has previously spoken about Back To Black bringing his career mainstream attention. Thankfully before her death, they put their problems behind them and reignited the friendship.

    In a new interview, Ronson told The Guardian: “Obviously, we had our ups and downs, and it was troubling. I don’t know if I fully loved the way that I behaved around her.

    “When she was going through addiction, I wish I’d been a little bit more upfront or confrontational about it,” he added. “But I just was like, ‘Ah, she’ll sort it out – she did it already once.’”

    Last week, Winehouse’s father, Mitch, told the BBC about possible plans for another posthumous album from Amy. He revealed: “We’ve found a few bits and pieces, but it’s difficult because the CDs are a bit corrupted, but apparently we’ve been told we might be able to rescue something.”

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